About Coffee and Life: Loneliness

Graehawk / Pixabay
In this post we welcome Ali. He lives in Oxford and is taking the brave step of opening up about his own personal issues. We are happy to give him a medium on PakTherapy. If you would like to make such contributions, or have come across useful things, please do give us a shout via Twitter or Email (helpme@paktherapy.com).  
Over to Ali! 
The aim of this project is simple.
For a long time, I had this idea of starting a video series. Here is my 1st attempt at it. Called “About Coffee and Life” my aim is to have an open and honest discussion on topics will be related to mental health and life in general. The aim is to try and start a conversation going on issues which are usually stigmatised against in our society, but impact us all.
Watch his first video below:

 You can see more of his work at his blog: www.mera-vision.com


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