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Online therapy resources

One of the main aims of starting PakTherapy was to provide people with a way of getting online therapy in the comfort of their own homes and without the need to involve anyone else....

Mental Health Apps – some stats, thoughts and a best of list!

This article has been inspired by an article that listed the best mental health apps. While I shall talk about that a bit below, interestingly, the author had also published an article on how...

Considering suicide? Please do think again!

I'll be honest. I am sure I am not the only one who has been very close to it myself. However, as we keep hearing about more and more people dying, it is only...
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Self-help via breathing and inner guidance

Often, we will be featuring true stories and opinions from people who have sent in their advice or methods that help. We start off with one of my friends, who has been focused on self-help...

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